may / june highlights


  1. Fulfillment Center by Protomartyr on Formal Growth In The Desert (Domino) New
  2. Fold The Horse by Lucy Liyou on Dog Dreams (American Dreams) New Local
  3. Apricot by Marika Christine on Soft Like an Apricot (Ghost Mountain) New Local
  4. Healing by feeble little horse on Girl with Fish (Saddle Creek) New
  5. These Eyes of Mine by WITCH on Zango (Desert Daze Sound) New
  6. The Abyss by KNOWER on KNOWER FOREVER (Because) New
  7. knives by Phoxjaw on notverynicecream (Hassle) New
  8. Devil's Den by Squid on O Monolith (Warp) New
  9. Make It Up by Stuck on Freak Frequency (Born Yesterday) New
  10. Conversations: In Time, On Mute by Jeromes Dream on The Gray In Between (Iodine) New Local
  11. Mysterious Love by Geese on 3D Country (Partisan) New
  12. Solon by cero on e o (KAKUBARHYTHM) New
  13. changer by bar italia on Tracey Denim (World Music) New
  14. memories of no one. by six impala on EARWAX (self-released) New
  15. Los Angeles: City of Death by Swans on The Beggar (Young God) New
  16. Flimsy by King Krule on Space Heavy (Matador) New
  17. The Story so Far - Interlude by McKinley Dixon on Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!? (City Slang) New
  18. Yesterday by EABS & Jaubi on In Search of a Better Tomorrow (Astigmatic) New
  19. The Lighthouse IV by Colin Stetson on When we were that what wept for the sea (Constellation) New