Black Girl Joy Episode 130

Featuring Amaarae, Kayykilo, AKWAEKE and more!


  1. Fluent Stutter by Deki Alem on Fluent Stutter (Self-Released)
  2. RS by Klein, tm (Parkwuud Entertainment)
  3. Escapism by Bloody Civilian (Self-Released)
  4. Blak Britney by Miss Kaninna (Soul Has No Tempo)
  5. Teenage Dreams by Konyikeh (FAMM)
  6. Darkeve Duet by Lutalo, Lomelda (Winspear)
  7. That Organ Track by Shimza (KUNYE)
  8. Ballad for Deadwood Dick by Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra on 60 Years (The Village)
  9. ASR (feat. Jeff Parker) by Meshell Ndegeocello on The Omnichord Real Book (Blue Note)
  10. Outta My Mind by chlothegod (EQT Recordings)
  11. Sociopathic Dance Queen by Amaarae on Fountain Baby (Golden Angel LLC)
  12. heavun by hemlocke springs (Good Luck Have Fun)
  13. This City is a Graveyard by Baby Storme (Self-Released)
  14. RENT FREE by Siena Liggins (Self-Released)
  15. Empress of Mars by Morgan Reese on Empress of Mars (Page Productions)
  16. lost my mind (in yours) by Senseless Optimism (Senseless Optimism LLC)
  17. Sex Drive by Cakes da Killa (Young Art)
  18. Silence - JADED VIP by JADED, Melle Brown (Another Rhythm)
  19. QOBA by Toya Delazy, Tash LC, Ahadadream (Afrorave)
  20. Big Steppa by Amaarae on Fountain Baby (Golden Angel LLC)
  21. SOLO by Shay Lia (AWAL Recordings)
  22. Mpemba by Les Mamans du Congo, RROBIN (Jarring Effects)
  23. Banye by AKWAEKE (Self-Released)
  24. Busy by Kayykilo (Self-Released)
  25. 10FT by LEILAH (VLF)
  26. Turn to Gold by Aiza (Aiza Ntibarikure)
  27. Where The Giants Roam by Tiffany Gouché on The Found Album (Self-Released)
  28. you said... by Talibah Safiya (Self-Released)
  29. Orí Axé by Iara Rennó on Orí Okàn (Altafonte Music)
  30. All the Sweet Tea - Western AF Version by Denitia (Western AF)
  31. CONSTELLATIONS (feat. NAO) by Seinabo Sey on THE ONE AFTER ME (Saraba AB)
  32. Played Out by ShaSimone (ShaSimone/Loud and Clear Entertainment)
  33. Feel Good by ByHaze, Safa (BYHAZE LLC)
  34. Green Eyes by Summer-Pearl (Kitto)
  35. Colder in June by CARI (Self-Released)