Black Girl Joy Episode 131

Featuring Cherise, Tiffany Gouché, Sug Daniels, Donna Goldn, Santigold, OGI, LYZZA and more!


  1. Discovery by Ah-Mer-Ah-Su (Self-Released)
  2. Fly - Shero Remix by Aka Kelzz (Self-Released)
  3. GD Woman by Kah-Lo (Epic)
  4. New York Transit Queens by Corrine Bailey Rae (Black Rainbows Music)
  5. You're Still The One by Sug Daniels (Sweet Sug Productions)
  6. Windego by We Don't Ride Llamas on The Oracle (WDRL)
  7. Purple Phase by Arlo Parks on My Soft Machine (Transgressive)
  8. Feel Like Makin' Love by Scary Pockets, Jennah Bell (Pockets, Inc.)
  9. Calling by CHERISE on Calling (Cherise Adams-Burnett)
  10. Passout by Tiffany Gouché on The Found Album (Self-Released)
  11. Coffee Shop by flowerovlove (Capitol)
  12. drunk voicemail by Morgan Reese on Empress of Mars (Page Productions)
  13. Sometimes by Shermanology (Defected)
  14. Taste (So Good) by RM47, MAAD, Raleigh, Devontée on Stuck With You But I Like It (GRDN)
  15. PROMISE YOU'LL WAIT by Kelvin Krash (KRASHED)
  16. MK Ultrasound by LYZZA (CLUB LYZZA)
  17. Ten10 by Christinna O on Single (COScapsule)
  18. Kali by OSHUN on vol. ii (Self-Released)
  19. Kush Dub by Hollie Cook, Josh Skints, Jah9 (Merge)
  20. Run the Road by Santigold on I Don't Want: The Gold Fire Sessions (BMG Rights Management)
  21. Jah - A COLORS SHOW by Libianca (5K)
  22. WANNA KNOW by Danitsa, SANTO (Evidence Music)
  23. Summer by Kenya Vaun (300 Entertainment LLC)
  24. Before the Fire by Santigold on 99 Cents (Atlantic)
  25. No Love Without You by Jesse Boykins III (New Growth Creative Activities)
  26. Mashiketta by Donna Goldn (Flat 20)
  27. Thonga Lami - Cosmic LP Mix by BCUC on Millions of Us (On The Corner)
  28. Oguere's Cha by Elio Villafranca on Incantation/Encantaciones (Self-Released)
  29. No Tempo da Intolerância by Elza Soares on No Tempo da Intolerância (Deck)
  30. Nuclear War - Oui Ennui Off-Ramp Remix by Angel Bat Dawid on Single (Red Hot Organization)
  31. IKYK by Ogi on Monologues (Atrium Entertainment)
  32. PERDUE by Yseult (Y.Y.Y)