Black Girl Joy Episode 132

Featuring TWEAKS, Angel J. Nelson, SPELLLING and more!


  1. Hills Have Eyes by TWEAKS (Seet Deh)
  2. Silent Assassin by Tkay Maidza, Flume (4AD Ltd)
  3. BROKE by Angel J. Nelson (AJN)
  4. Crime by Shamir (Kill Rock Stars)
  5. Insensitive by Benét (Bayonet)
  6. Garden Gate by Mon RovÎa (Self-Released)
  7. Under the Sun by SPELLLING (Sacred Bones)
  8. I Don't Like People by Aliah Sheffield on These Songs Are For Anyone Sick Of Earth (Def Jam Recordings)
  9. I Can Keep Myself by tofusmell on Humor (Hardly Art)
  10. Headtap by Collard (Collard ltd)
  11. First Love Song by Alemeda (Self-Released)
  12. Options by KAMILLE, Tamera, Bellah (KamKam Entertainment)
  13. CLAP! by Siena Liggins on FLOOZY (Self-Released)
  15. 175 Lbs by Wé Ani (19 Recordings)
  16. Summer Love by CHERISE on Calling (Cherise Adams-Burnett)
  17. Clones by Taylor Narain (Katomate Media)
  18. Hole Heart by Genesis Owusu (Ourness)
  19. Great Wind by Gabriels on Angels & Queens (Deluxe) (Atlas Artists)
  20. DEAD BIRD BLUES by Grove, James Storm on P*W*R (Grove & Supernature/Betty Boop)
  21. Kush & Koffee by I M a N I (Game Six)
  22. Blimp Life by Caxxianne (Cassianne Lawrence)
  23. Kité by Aiza (Self-Released)
  24. Affirmations (feat. Anelisa Lamola) by Girls Of The Internet, Anelisa Lamola (Classic Music Company)
  25. Namora Comigo (Sabadini, Rafa Ferreira Remix) by Mart’nália (Biscoito Fino)
  26. Mine O Mine by Aluna, Jayda G on MYCELIiUM (Mad Decent)
  27. in YOUR EYES by Kaleena Zanders on PATCHWORK (Helix)
  28. When She Dance by Jayda G on Guy (Ninja Tune)
  29. Undercover by HSKE, Mayonde, Muthoni Drummer Queen, Polaris (Muthoni Music Entertainment)
  30. Once I Been Gone by Theo Parrish, Maurissa Rose on Free Myself (Sound Signature)
  31. Dr. Feelgood (Love Is a Serious Business) - Live at Berns Salonger, Stockholm May 2nd. 1968 [Restauración 2023] by Aretha Franklin on Aretha Franklin Live at Berns Salonger, Stockholm May 2nd. 1968 (Restauración 2023) (Lantower)
  32. GOLDEN LADY by Moor Mother, Melanie Charles on Jazz Codes (Moor Mother/Anti)
  33. Tiny Garden by Jamila Woods, duendita (Jagjaguwar)