Tennis Pro


  1. Been a little heavy lately by Joesef on Permanent Damage (Bold Cut)
  2. day like this by Kristina Alcordo on Single (Self Released)
  3. Big Flirt by lil hero on dress up! (Geffen records)
  4. Simmer down by N'shai Iman on Simmer down (legacy night music group)
  5. RISE by Darius, Benny Sings on RISE (Roche Musique)
  6. YSL by June Freedom, elli Beatzkiller on Anchor baby (Paul Institute)
  7. Don't Keep It To Yourself by Ruthven on Single (Paul Institute)
  8. TULUM by Peso Pluma, Grupo Frontera on genesis (Double P Records)
  9. hmu by greek on EXTC (greek)
  10. Say Im ur luv by UMI on Forest in the city (RCA Records)
  11. picking berries by Lolo Zouaï on PLAYGIRL (RCA)
  12. Ruby by benjiflow on ruby (1da boi productions)
  13. Moongch! by Raul, SUMIN on In Touch (Superfreak records)
  14. Porn (ode to sade) by Shayan on Single (Self Released)
  15. Wallflower by Tim Atlas on Wallflower (Nettwork Music Group)
  16. creation by Sabrina Claudio on No Rain, No Flowers (SC Entertainment)