Yours, Teddy: Live from the 3rd Floor


  1. I Got Joy by Brontez Purnell on No Jack Swing (Dark Entries Records) New Local
  2. Learning How to Love by Leon Ware on Musical Massage (Motown)
  3. I'm Gonna Let You by Nancy Wilson on Music on My Mind (Capitol)
  4. Shalamar Disco Garden by Shalamar on Disco Garden (Unidisc)
  5. Jika Jika by The Boogie Man (Vive La Musique)
  6. Kimumbu by Akofa Akoussah on Akofa Akoussah (Africa Seven)
  7. SUNNY BLUE by Fishman on Aerial Camp (Universal)
  8. stunt (when I see u) by They Hate Change on stunt (when I see u) (Jagjaguwar) New
  9. Easy Go! by Raghd (In This Dunya)
  10. Win Win by Grace Ives on Janky Star (True Panther Recordings)
  11. Rain Water Promise by Nourished by Time on Erotic Probiotic 2 (Scenic Route) New
  12. Glass Top Roof (The One) by Lavarr the Starr, Shabazz Palaces on Glass Top Roof (The One) (Glass Cane Records)
  13. Music Take Me Up by Fingers Inc. on Another Side (Alleviated Records)
  14. Free Myself by Theo Parrish, Maurissa Rose on Free Myself (Sound Signature) New
  15. Do What Your Doin' by The Rising Sun on Do What Your Doin' (Numero)
  16. Coney Island Baby by Lou Reed on Coney Island Baby (RCA)
  17. We've Only Just Begun by Warren "Donell" Hickman and The San Francisco Inspirational Choir on He Didn't Have to Do It (Jewel Records)
  18. Alive Ain't Always Living by Quelle Chris on Single (Mello Music)
  19. Try Again by Oddisee on To What End (Outer Note Label)
  20. All I Can Do by Art Feynman on All I Can Do (Western Vinyl)
  21. Ca va by Pilou on France chebran: French Boogie (Born Bad Records)
  22. Rhythm by Bodysync, Ryan Hemsworth, Giraffage on Rhythm (Bodysync)
  23. There Is So Much Pain in the World by Touching Ice on There Is So Much Pain in the World (American Death Records)
  24. I Wanted to Tell Her by Ministry on With Sympathy (Arista)