EP015: I Only Want What I Deserve

WE HAVE OUR FIRST GUEST. Or do we? Things get real this program, in more ways than one. And do your heroes get to the bottom of those voices in the silence? Is there more than one answer? While you figure this out with your docents, let’s whip out a myriad of bizarre bleats and burps. There is also sampling, glitching, improvisation, and abstract mixes that you’ve all heard before, you jaded bastards. Nevertheless, prepare to be enchanted or revolted by our guest’s expressions. Embrace the challenge of beats that slap your perception of what music can be. Get a foot massage from experimental music that mesmerizes with its self-involved rantings as well as the visionary artists who birthed it. We’re going to transport you to new lands, where ChatGPT schizophrenia reigns supreme.

[Show title reference: “Yr Mangled Heart” by Gossip]


  1. Pea Pods by Mira Martin-Gray on Hen​'s Teeth (5082125 Records DK)
  2. Break
  3. City of Fallen Angels by The Bug, Earth on Concrete Desert (Ninja Tune)
  4. under the weather by CORPSE on under the weather (self-released)
  5. Autumn Signal by Joan La Barbara on Joan La Barbara: Early Immersive Music (Mode Records)
  6. Burn It All Down by Ibukun Sunday on The Last Wave (Spirituals)
  7. Break
  8. SAME? by Clarence Clarity on THINK: PEACE (Deluxe Pain)
  9. Once They Build a Starbucks It’s Ova by Devon Hendryx on Communist Slow Jams (4361527 Records DK)
  10. I'm Not Always Where My Body Is by Aïsha Devi on S.L.F. (Houndstooth)
  11. Mask Maker by Liars on Mess (Mute)
  12. Break
  13. Green Hill Cross by James Ferraro on Four Pieces for Mirai (California Digital)