EP016: Good Faith Treaties

Dare you enter this program, knowing the interlopers are so close? It’s like they just came up with a story, got in the door and literally could have unsheathed a machete and deleted your docents and everybody. Security in this program is very San Francisco – virtually nonexistent. Well, the sun don’t shine forever, so as long as it’s here, we might as well shine together. Take it from here, ChatGPT: Prepare to descend into the enigmatic abyss of experimental music, where darkness intertwines with audial exploration in an unsettling dance of sonic shadows. Embracing the avant-garde fringes, our unpredictable genres defy traditional boundaries, plunging you into a realm of eerie dissonance, brooding atmospheres, and chilling textures.

[Show title reference: “The Great War” by Taylor Swift]


  1. Vulnerary by Hüma Utku on Gnosis (Karlrecords)
  2. Break
  3. Rust Genome by Iglooghost on Rust Genome (Gloo)
  4. ultratronics 01 by Ryoji Ikeda on ultratronics (NOTON)
  5. i served you slop and all you gave back was firecrackers by bagel fanclub on how are your cars driving? (Maulcat Records)
  6. Violence by Andy Stott on Faith in Strangers (Modern Love)
  7. Dancing Is Stupid by Stress Palace on Stress Palace (The Ghost Is Clear Records)
  8. Break
  9. Punishment Enough by Tunic on Wrong Dream (Artoffact Records)
  10. Weavers Of Evil by MoE, Bruxa Maria on Skinwalker (ConradSound)
  11. Break
  12. Meltdown Redux by Atomiste on Static Meltdown (Teinatinycdai Records)