EP019: Try to Deny with All My Heart

Normally your docents showcase experimental music as a way to explore our perceptions of sound. This particular episode draws inspiration from unusual sources like found objects and eccentric musical instruments, or at least more eccentric than usual. Granted, the word "experimental" implies an entirely different thing, depending on who you ask. Your docents’ approach is to lead you to new experiences for both your mind and your heart. Your brain might be curious. Your heart might want Mariah Carey instead. Yet you showed up because you like that this is a platform for emerging artists who dare to push against traditional norms in blast beat-making. Could also be that you enjoy their bold representations of ingenuity and obnoxious rattling. Avant-garde compositions can be endearing as they are challenging at times. Like Pilates, they ultimately offer rich rewards by expanding our appreciation of what's possible.

[Show title reference: “Our Hearts Are Wrong” by Jessica Lea Mayfield]


  1. Damp Floors by Mass Marriage on Innocence (ISLA)
  2. Break
  3. The Wrath of God (Pt. 2) by Vadim Repin; Gewandhausorchester Leipzig; Andris Nelsons; Sofia Gubaidulina on Sofia Gubaidulina – Dialog: Ich und Du; The Wrath of God; The Light of the End (Deutsche Grammophon)
  4. Model 4 by Karlheinz Stockhausen, Electric Phoenix on Stockhausen: Stimmung (ASC Records)
  5. Fuck This by Ben Salisbury, Geoff Barrow on Men (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Lakeshore Records)
  6. Break
  7. F by Giovanni Lami on Monumento Fiume (Kohlhaas)
  8. Vena Cava 6 by Diamanda Galás on Vena Cava (Intravenal Sound Operations)
  9. Sloop by O Ratel Ratel on Optical Resonances (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.)
  10. Break
  11. Garbagemx by Autechre on Garbage (Warp Records)