EP026: Black Like the First Mother

Come for the experimental music, stay for the whimsical expositions into obscure 17th century demonology texts. The experience of listening to experimental music can be cathartic, much like a spiritual or religious awakening. In fact, some might even say that it is not unlike being possessed by a diabolical force. However, while demonic possession is often seen as something negative, experimental music can lead to positive upgrades in one's life. The unforeseen challenges conventional ways of thinking about sound and pushes listeners around kind of like Paimon from that movie Hereditary. Avant-garde songs encourage introspection, allowing individuals to confront emotions they may have repressed or ignored for years. A close comparison could be San Francisco Unified School District and its mounting financial problems.

[Show title reference: "Juju" by OSHUN]


  1. The Glass Hours by Linda May Han Oh on The Glass Hours (Biophilia Records)
  2. Break
  3. We Have Existed by Masayuki Takayanagi New Direction Unit on April is the cruellest month (Blank Forms Editions)
  4. Symphony Of Wind by Valentina Goncharova on Recordings 1987​-​1991, Vol. 1 (Muscut)
  5. Break
  6. Moxofosoleesa by NGHTCRWLR on Let The Children Scream (DERO Arcade)
  7. アブセント!ミーティング?パージ!!! by Incapacitants on TASTE OF WILD WEST 3 (徳間ジャパンコミュニケーションズ)
  8. Break
  9. The Night, Assassin's Night - 2022 Remastered by Les Rallizes Dénudés on '77 LIVE (2022 Remastered) (The Last One Musique / Tuff Beats)