transfiguration #297 resort wear mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. visit florida by waterfront dining on South of Winter (My Pet Flamingo)
  2. Clock Without Hands by Sonny Ism on Clock Without Hands (Northern Underground Records)
  3. In a Moment Divine by Freak Heat Waves & Cindy Lee on Mondo Tempo (Mood Hut Records)
  4. Mapenza by James Bright & Joe Morris on Summer Child (Shades Of Sound Recordings)
  5. Masambakatu (Telephones Sambalearic Street Jam) by Jogada on Jogada Remixes (Púca Sounds)
  6. Sweet Sounds by Marshall Watson on Foothills (NuNorthern Soul)
  7. A Paradise Remembered ft Gabriel Oliveria by Eddie Logix on Treasure Your Friends 003 (Some Paradise Forgotten)
  8. Tic Tac by Willie Graff & Tuccillo on New Dreams (Hell Yeah)
  9. Whatever Happens, Happens by Jura Soundsystem on Return to the Island (Isle Of Jura Records)
  10. Dream Space by Tech Support on MM Discos Factory Edits (MM Discos)
  11. Floating Sunset by Jilo on Into the Sunwinds (Dream Chimney)
  12. Vacations by Birds Of Rhythm on Bird Island (Lips & Rhythm Records)
  13. Geo & Geo by Eternal Love on Altar (Planet Trip Records)
  14. Absoluto (feat. Camila) by Residentes Balearicos on Residentes Balearicos (Music For Dreams)
  15. Danish Riviera (Original) by Cada Un on Danish Riviera - Single (Frank Music)
  16. Banana Shake (The Vendetta Suite Remix) by Pleasure Voyage on Sun & Clouds Remixes Vol. 01 (MM Discos)
  17. Basso e Batteria (Original Vocal) by Club Soda & Sara Loreni on Basso e Batteria (FLEXI CUTS)
  18. Sunswell by Genius Of Time on Sunswell - Single (Oath)
  19. Madres by Sofia Kourtesis on Madres - Single (Ninja Tune)
  20. Duerme (Don Carlos Remix) by One Half Of Bent on Bella Bella (Neapolis)
  21. Feels Like Forever (4AM Mix) by Rhode & Brown on Feels Like Forever (Shall Not Fade)
  22. Lucky Luke by Axel Boman on AWAY 10 Years (AWAY)
  23. Lost in the Amazonas by Daniel Steinberg on Brain Storm / Lost in the Amazonas - Single (Arms & Legs)
  24. Supanova (Stimulator Jones Remix) by Saucy Lady & Stimulator Jones on Supanova (Stimulator Jones Remix) - Single (Star Creature)