transfiguration #298 hotel bathrobe mix(holiday in ruins)


  1. 37° South by Donald's House on 37° South (Wax'o Paradiso)
  2. by Knopha on Nothing Nil (Eating Music)
  3. Catamaran by Midnight Tenderness on Hydrosphere (self released)
  4. High Desert (Seahawks High Sky Remix) by Marshall Watson on Foothills (NuNorthern Soul)
  5. Trafikklyset (Olefonken Remake) by Joystick Jay on Trafikklyset (Olefonken Remake) (Snorkel Records)
  6. Safari'n by Birds Of Rhythm on Bird Island (Lips & Rhythm Records)
  7. SRI by North Of The Island on SRI - Single (North Of The Island)
  8. Obscura (Inner Totality Remix) by Sonny Ism on Obscura (Inner Totality Remix) - Single (Northern Underground Records)
  9. Midnight In Milan by Wille on Frangipani (Music For Dreams)
  10. Sunbathin' by Scruscru on Cyber Love (Noire & Blanche)
  11. Shosa by Holo on Technicolour (Shall Not Fade)
  12. Bella Bella by One Half Of Bent on Bella Bella (Neapolis)
  13. L8 by The Inner Sleeves on Rêverie (Horisontal Mambo)
  14. Work Out Tonight (Telephones' The Big Fuji Ringo Mix) by Ultraflex on Telephones / DJ Sotofett (Remixes) - Single (Street Pulse)
  15. Better Dayz by Benedek on Zebrano (Apron Records)
  16. U Okna by Krasa Rosa on Solnce - Single (Melody Of The Soul)
  17. Ustad by Baalti on Baalti (Krunk Kulture)
  18. River (再加湿) by Soshi Takeda on Memory of Humidity Re-Humidified (Dotei Records)
  19. Tuyo Todo Tuyo by Earthtones & Semblanzas del Rio Guapi on Discoteca Folklórica, vol. 1 (WONDERWHEEL RECORDINGS)
  20. Call a Wave (Flute Mix) by Rhode & Brown on Planet Systems (Pleasant Systems)
  21. Butterfly by Unknown Artist on Butterfly (Tartan Records)
  22. Shavasana Dub by Midnight Tenderness on First Light (Soothsayer)