Episode 16: Fuck

I'm tired and hot


  1. 23 Til Infinity by They Are Gutting A Body Of Water on Lucky (Smoking Room)
  2. Heavily Armed by Sicko on Primal Hymns For The Unwell (Sicko)
  3. Buried Alive by Fight on Sight on Buried Alive / Suffering (Fight on Sight)
  4. Euthanasia by Primitive Blast on Primitive Blast (Undertone Records)
  5. S'il vous plait by Otoboke Beaver on Itekoma Hits (Damnably)
  6. DECLINE by Greyhound on DECLINE (Ryan Ellery) Local
  7. Bats by Cerce on Cowboy Music (Kerk Records)
  8. Stray/Burnt Sugar by Gouge Away on Burnt Sugar (Deathwish)
  9. Nothing Man by Rejection Pact, Greg Bennick on Threats of the World (Safe Inside Records)
  10. Where's My Dini? by Ovlov on Am (Exploding in Sound)
  11. Break
  12. Romantic by Mannequinn Pussy on Romantic (Tiny Engines)
  13. Mosquiter by Stove on 's Favorite Friend (Exploding in Sound)
  14. No Requiem for the Wicked by Thirdface on Do it With a Smile (Exploding In Sound)
  15. Targets of Men Targets of Men by G.L.O.S.S on Demo 2015 (sabotage records)
  16. One Minute Song by Cher Strauberry on Chering is Caring (Silver Arrow Records)
  17. Don't Give A Fuck About You by Liquids on Hot Liqs Revenge (Neck Chop Records)
  19. Right On by Rotten Blossom on Get Lict (Hawaiian Express Records/Failed Orbit)
  20. Again by Greet Death on Dixieland (Flesh and Bone Records)
  21. Fagetarian and Dyke by Team Dresch on Personal Best (Team Dresch)
  22. Dumb Fucks by DUMB FUCKS on Dumb Fucks (DUMB FUCKS)
  23. Remote Viewing by Purity Control on Coping (Anxiety/No Idea Records)
  24. Suffer Confined by Primitive Blast on The Demo (Primitive Blast)
  25. Clickbait by Skinny Girl Diet on Ideal Woman (Delilah Holiday)
  26. F.T.S by Rust on World Upside Down (Wormwood Records)
  27. Strange Attraction by Satanic Togas on Satanic Togas/Zoids (Goodbye Boozy)
  28. NO WAY by Video Prick on Demo (Video Prick)
  29. Flesh, Steel, Victory by Seed of Pain on Flesh, Steel, Victory... (Plead Your Case Records)
  30. Hate by Red Ants on #1 Chicken (Epitah)
  31. gimme brains by Bratmobile on ladies, women and girls (Simple Social Graces Discos)
  32. Like the Sun by Tanukichan on Sundays (Company)
  33. Dreamsickle by Wombo on Keesh Mountain - EP (℗ 2021 Fire Talk)
  34. The The Empty by Le Tigre on Le Tigre (Mr Lady (1999))
  35. Friendly Fire by Armor on Some Kind of War (Armor)
  36. Replica by Exit Order on Exit Order (Side Two Records)
  37. Crack of Dawn by Kontaminate on "Blood Hunger" Demo (Kontaminate)
  38. Double D by Skinned Teen on Bazooka Smooth! (Skinned Teen)
  39. Self-Inflicted Mental Terror by Gulch on Impenetrable Mental Fortress (Self-Released) Local
  40. Break
  41. Stuck by Ausmutants on Band of the Future (Aarght Records)
  42. Break
  43. White Flag by Slutever on White Flag (Say 10 Records)
  44. Primitive Desires by JIVEBOMB on Primitive Desires (Flatsport Records)
  45. Stuck in a Trashcan by Goon on Natural Evil (Convulsive Records)
  46. Bi Force by SlutBomb on Constant Struggle (Landslide Records)
  47. January 24 by i hate sex on Circle Thinking (Pint size)
  48. Fuck You Boy by Niis on Fuck You Boy (Niis)
  49. Blunt Instrument by Ideation on Blunt Instrument (11 PM Records)
  50. Facecard by Upchuck on Single (Famous Class)
  51. Making New Friends With Other Losers by Dollhouse on Demo
  52. Retail Hell by Scowl on Reality After Reality... (Self-Released)
  53. Noise Square by C.H.E.W. on In Due Time (Iron Lung Records)
  54. A Brief Conversation Ending In Divorce by Smart Went Crazy on Con Art (Dischord Records)
  55. Bootlicker by SPY on Service Weapon (TO LIVE A LIE RECORDS)
  56. Peace and Silence by Hong Kong Fuck You on Happy Shitting Rainbows (Ktarsis Studio)