Episode 17: LET'S GO

yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!!


  1. GNOSTIC FLESH/MORTAL HELL by HEALTH, BACKWASH, H09909XX on DISCO4 :: Part II (Loma Vista Recording)
  2. The Virus Of Life by Slipknot on Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses (The All Blacks U.S.A.)
  3. Smoke The Würm by Gøggs on S/T (In The Red)
  4. Stonewall by Backxwash on Stonewall (Backxwash)
  5. Page 18 by Bush Tetras on Rhythm and Paranoia: (Wharf Cat Records)
  6. Small Worlds by Mac Miller on Swimming (Warner Records)
  7. 9MM by Butter 08 on Butter 08 (GR Entertainment)
  8. S'il vous plait by Otoboke Beaver on Itekoma Hits (Damnably)
  9. Pig by Gramma on Get Down (Gramma)
  10. Snake Lady by Sea Moss on SEAMOSS2 (Ramp Local)
  11. Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit on Significant Other (Interscope Records)
  12. Stonewall by Backxwash on Stonewall (Backxwash)
  13. Rouge Waves by Moor Mother on Black Encyclopedia of the Air (Moor Mother)
  14. Hickory by KOOL A.D., Talib Kweli, Boots Riley on Word O.K. (Dumb Shiny)
  15. Blade Princess by DJ CAMGIRL on Problems (PLUS Records)
  16. Putting out by Huggy Bear on Mastercuts Electro House Digital (Mastercuts)
  17. Lockjaw by King Geedorah on Take Me to your Leader (Big Dada)
  18. Dior by Pop Smoke on Meet The Woo (Republic Records)
  19. Man Is Too Ignorant to Exist by Eyehategod on In the Name of the Suffering (Century Media Records)
  20. From Here by Torche on Admission (Relapse Records Inc)
  21. Crying Horses by Trash Sun on Crying Horses (Trash Sun)
  22. Only Time by Axe on 1300 A.D. (Sicko Tapes)
  23. Gunt by Pleasure Venom on Pleasure Venom (Pleasure Venom)
  24. No Sympathy by Krimewatch on Demo (self-released)
  25. Fl STYLE PERMZ by Soul Glo on DisNigga Vol. 1 (Epitaph)
  26. Sin In My Heart by Siouxsie and the Banshees on Juju (Polydor (1981))
  27. January 24 by I Hate Sex on Circle Thinking (Pint size)
  28. Foster Nosferatu by Your Arms Are My Cocoon on Your Arms Are My Cocoon (YAAMC self-released)
  29. A Brief Conversation Ending In Divorce by Smart Went Crazy on Con Art (Dischord Records)
  30. coffee stains by bright little stars on haunting my dreams (friend's house records)
  31. Drink Yrself by Flowers Taped to Pens on Dadfad
  32. ...and Keep Reaching for Those Stars by I Hate Myself on Ten Songs (No Idea Records)
  33. Chinese Freeze Tag by I Would Set Myself on Fire For You on I Would Set Myself on Fire For You (Stickfigure)