043 - What's New W U?


  1. Time 2 Dip (feat. PeelingFlesh) by Snuffed on Sight on Smoke (Maggot Stomp) New Local
  2. Grasping Salvation by Embodied Torment on Archaic Bloodshed (New Standard Elite) New
  3. Meat Honey by Ardra on Nausea (Self-Released) Local
  4. Drowning in Distress by Lacerated on The Beauty of Agony (Static Ritual Recordings)
  5. Misery by Eternal Bloom on Misery (Self-Released) Local
  6. Leader Seeker by Power Alone on Nothingness (Indecision Records)
  7. Party Girl by Angel Electronics on ULTRA PARADISE (1423015 Recordings)
  8. Relier by Agriculture on Agriculture (The Flenser)
  9. Alpenglow by Oromet on Oromet (Transylvanian Recordings)
  10. Rites of Forgotten Misery by Tumulation on Haunted Funeral Creations (Hammerheart Records) New
  11. Genetic Assimilation by Tegmentum on Evolvement (M-Theory Audio) New Local
  12. Wreathed in Sores by Nithing on Agonal Hymns (New Standard Elite)