Yours, Teddy: If It Rains on Me It Rains on You


  1. Baby, I'm Yours by Barbara Lewis on Baby, I'm Yours (Atlantic)
  2. Tuesday Heartbreak by Stevie Wonder on Talking Book (Motown)
  3. What's It All About by The Sylvers on Sylvers III (UMG)
  4. Are You Looking? by Congress Alley on Congress Alley (AVCO)
  5. Radio People by Zapp on The New Zapp IV U (Warner)
  6. Let's Stand Together by Melba Moore on What A Woman Needs (Capitol Records)
  7. Sweet Juju by Letta Mbulu on In The Music The Village Never Ends (Sony)
  8. Over You by Roxy Music on Flesh and Blood (Atco)
  9. I Got You Babe by Etta James on Tell Mama: The Complete Muscle Shoals Sessions (UMG)
  10. Watermelon Woman - Dub by Yu Su (Technicolor)
  11. Wehrmut by Cluster And Eno on Cluster & Eno (Sky Records)
  12. Break
  13. Stormy Weather by Sylvester (Dark Entries) New Local
  14. Zooted by Oddity on Oddisea, Pt. 2 (Seventh Pyramid) Local
  15. Diamond and Rectangle by Jeff TObias on Milky Way Underground (Gold Bolus) New
  16. Nothing Ever Happened by Deerhunter on Microcastle (Kranky)
  17. Mint by Cola on Deep In View (Fire Talk)
  18. Plain Speak by Marnie Stern on Plain Speak (Joyful Noise) New
  19. Radio Out by Glove on Boom Nights (Glove)
  20. I'm Going Down by Dawn Chorus and the Blue Tits on The Stuff Singles (Vol. 4) (Stiff)
  21. The Letter by Arthur Russell on Love Is Overtaking Me (Audika)
  22. Finally I Will Know Myself by ARTHUR on WoofWoof (PLZ Make It Ruins)
  23. One Life One Love by Hieroglyphics on 3rd Eye Vision (Hieroglyphics Imperium) Local
  24. Far Rockaway by KAMAUU on Far Rockaway (Atlantic)
  25. Something Better by Lyrics Born, Francis and the Lights on As U Were (Mass Appeal)
  26. Surrender by Gerd Janson, Shan on Surrender (Graded)
  27. Passed Over by Art Feynman on Passed Over (Western Vinyl) New Local
  28. Loosen Up by Fat Tony, Taydex, B.K. Habermehl on I Will Make a Baby In This Damn Economy (Carpark) New
  29. Grace by CARRTOONS, Rae Khalil on Grace (Carrtoons Music) New
  30. Piccola Lina by God's Mom on Piccola Lina (God's Mom) New