1. Dicen by Lucrecia Dalt on ¡Ay! (RVNG INT)
  2. Horno Fundidor by Esplendor Geometrico on Prehistoric Sounds: Necrosis & More 1980-81 (Distrolux)
  3. Wild Beast Research by Christina Vantzou on Multi Natural (Edições CN)
  4. Friendly Fires by Section 25 on Always Now (Factory)
  5. The Crusher by Test Dept. on The Unacceptable Face of Freedom (Some Bizarre)
  6. Tone Bone Kone by Arthur Russell on World of Echo (Audika)
  7. The Path to Antares by Twin Tribes on Shadows (s/r)
  8. Watussi by Harmonia on Musik Von Harmonia (Brain)
  9. Bez Konca by Siekiera on Nowa Aleksandria (MTJ)
  10. Over My Head by Abul Mogard on Above All Dreams (Ecstatic)
  11. Savage Sea by The Pop Group on Y (Radar)
  12. Glass Houses by Skinny Puppy on Remission (Nettwerk)
  13. Suite from No Exit in Six Parts: Part III by Vladimir Ussachevsky on Film Music (Anthology of Recorded Music)
  14. Deity by Ministry on The Land of Rape and Honey (Sire)
  15. For Whom The Bells Toll by Fad Gadget on Under The Flag (Mute)
  16. Europe by Killing Joke on Night Time (E'G)
  17. The Gospel Comes To New Guinea by 23 Skidoo on Seven Songs (Fetish)
  18. Loco by Pram on The Stars Are So Big The Earth Is So Small...Stay Where You Are (Too Pure)
  19. Sea Within A Sea by The Horrors on Primary Colours (XL)
  20. Frontier by Dead Can Dance on Dead Can Dance (4AD)
  21. Sulk by TR/ST on TR/ST (Arts & Crafts)
  22. Deshominisation (I) by Alain Goraguer on La Planète Sauvage (Pathé)
  23. Lifeforce Celebration by Emerald Web on Dragon Wings & Wizard Tales (Kat Epple)
  24. Search for the Vulcan by Leroy Holmes on Ultra Lounge: Fuzzy Retail Sampler (Capitol)
  25. Pigs by Puce Mary on Persona (Posh Isolation)
  26. Who Knows What Love Is? by Strawberry Switchblade on Strawberry Switchblade (Domino)