1. Augen-Blick by Xmal Deutschland on Tocsin (4AD)
  2. Welt aus Eis by Paysage D'Hiver on Paysage D'Hiver (Kunsthall)
  3. Never Give Up by Nocturnal Emissions on Songs of Love and Revolution (Earthly Delights)
  4. Two Mock Projections by Nurse With Wound on Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and An Umbrella (United Dairies)
  5. Pirouette by Halim El-Dabh on Crossing into the Electric Magnetic (s/r)
  6. Track 7 by Masonna on Frequency L.S.D. (Cold Spring)
  7. Shipwrecked by Five Star Hotel on Open Wound (Visual Disturbances)
  8. Attica by Linea Aspera on Preservation Bias (Dark Entries)
  9. Sunrise in the Third System by Tangerine Dream on Alpha Centauri (Tiger Bay)
  10. I Won't Hurt You by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band on Part One (Reprise)
  11. Yume Dewa by Yasuaki Shimizu on Kakashi (Sateto)
  12. Suita po tisic a jednej noci, pt 3 by Collegium Musicum on Konvergencie (Opus)
  13. Cafe Central by Roedelius on Kollektion 02 (Bureau B)
  14. Wo Bist Du? by Popol Vuh on Einsjäger & Siebenjäger (Edition Popol Vuh)
  15. Egyptian Garden by Kaleidescope on Side Trips (Epic)
  16. Instrumental No. 2 by My Bloody Valentine on EPs 1988-1991 (Domino)
  17. Alvida by Aurat (s/r)
  18. Fade In by Eric Random on Subliminal (LTM)
  19. Fever by Dreamcrusher (s/r)
  20. Enthroned Suffering by Negative Vortex on Tomb Absolute (Sentient Ruin Laboratories)
  21. Komakino by Joy Division on Substance (Factory)