1. Reassurance Ritual by Das Ding on HSTA LP (Minimal Wave)
  2. Mourning by Lana Del Rabies on Strega Beata (Gilgongo)
  3. D15 by Kill Alters on Kill Alters (s/r)
  4. Swim by Loke Rahbek & Puce Mary on The Female Form (Posh Isolation)
  5. Lady Shave by Fad Gadget on The Fad Gadget Singles (Mute)
  6. In Der Stadt und auf dem Land by Kosmischer Läufer on The Secret Cosmic Music of the East German Olympic Program 1972-83, Vol. 5 (s/r)
  7. Spit by Ike Yard on Sacred Machine (Noiztank)
  8. Rencontre Brisson by Bernard Parmegiani on Rock (Transversales Disques)
  9. Happy Funeral by Kitchen & The Plastic Spooon's on Best Off (Ill Wind)
  10. The Light At The End (Cause) by Uniform on Wake In Fright (Sacred Bones)
  11. Wahre Arbeit - Wahrer Lohn (12" Version) by Die Krupps on Volle Kraft Voraus (WEA)
  12. Classique: Bidule et un by Pierre Henry & Pierre Schaeffer on 1st Panorama de Musique Concrete (Trunk)
  13. Hatemonger by Minimal Man on The Shroud Of (Patrick Miller Estate) Local
  14. I Want You to Suffer by Cindy Lee on What's Tonight To Eternity (Superior Viaduct)
  15. Everyone Will Go To Heaven, There Are Beautiful Colors There by The Night Monitor on Perception Report 2 (Fonolith)
  16. Fleshworks by The Body & Full Of Hell on One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache (s/r)
  17. Cold Hearted (MVP-09 remix) by Paradox Obscur (Detonic)
  18. Plus animé by Francois Bayle on Les couleurs de la nuit (Sub Rosa)
  19. A Thousand Ways by Cabaret Voltaire on Red Mecca (Mute)
  20. Or Something by Sarah Davachi & Sean McCann on Mother of Pearl (Recital)
  21. Orthodox by Zola Jesus on New Amsterdam (Sacred Bones)
  22. Reverse Adrenalin by Cosey Fanni Tutti on Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and the Legendary Tapes (Conspiracy International)
  23. La Bikina by Esquivel! on Tesoros de Colleccion (Sony BMG)
  24. Les Demoiselles by Harmonia & Eno '76 on Tracks and Traces (Rykodisc)
  25. Definitive Gaze by Magazine on Real Life (Virgin)