Sep 9


  1. Elf Trip by Cosmic Neighborhood on Gatherings (Rivertones) New
  2. So Many Plans by Beirut on So Many Plans (Pompeii) New
  3. Nothing Is Forever by Georgia Mooney on Full of Moon (Nettwerk) New
  4. Across the Line by Feeling Figures on Across the Line (perennial) New
  5. The Leading Man by D.C. Maxwell on Lone Rider (Danger Collective) New
  6. Underground by Horsey on Debonair (Self Released)
  7. Those Were (Could've Been) the Days by The Deslondes, Sam Doores on The Deslondes (New West)
  8. Cherry Red Boots by The Nude Party on Rides On (New West) New
  9. Won't Fence Us In by Nick Shoulders on All Bad (Gar Hole) New
  10. Something Different by Blues Lawyer on Something Different (Mt.St.Mtn.)
  11. K2 by Melenas (Trouble In Mind) New
  12. La Mitad De Nuestras Vidas by La Buena Vida on Vidania (Mushroom Pillow)
  13. En El Rascacielos by Family on Un Soplo En El Corazón (Elefant)
  14. Today by Fruit Bats on Siamese Dream (Merge)
  15. Sadness by Soft Science on Sadness (Selflife) New
  16. Milk Dipped Cloud by Elke on Milk Dipped Cloud (Congrats)
  17. String Theory by Teleman on String Theory (Moshi Moshi) New