Ep 281: "That Bisects and Bisects and Bisects"

Episode title "that bisects and bisects and bisects" is from Agnes Martian's  "The Future Light Cone 3" (bandcamp), they play Beauty Supply on Friday with Musele Group Improvisation and Music for Connection from Tucson.

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  1. The Future Light Cone 3 by Agnes Martian on The Future Light Cone (Self-released)

    Local Friday at Beauty Supply: Agnes Martian/ Music for Connection (Tuscon)/ Musele Group Improvisation

  2. Control by DTJ on At the After Party (Echo Plasm) Local
  3. Are You Offscreen? by Helpful People on Broken Blossom Threats (Burundi Cloud) Local
  4. Down the Way by Whitney's Playland on Sunset Sea Breeze (Paisley Shirt/ Meritorio)

    Local Wednesday for free in Jack Kerouac Alley: Whitney's Playland/ Lunchbox

  5. Before and After by Lunchbox on After School Special (Slumberland) Local
  6. 4lilmonkeys by Mox on Heart (self released)

    Local Sunday at Tamarack: Mox (Merced)/ Figure Eight/ Buddy Junior/ My Pet Fossil (Sacramento)

  7. Birds by Figure Eight on You Cry for Eternity (self released) Local
  8. STARS**** by Buddy Junior on Sounds from Inside: Vol. 1 (Shut-In Records) Local
  9. California by Asha Wells on Water Words (Royal Oakie Records)

    Local Friday in Oakland: Asha Wells/ Josiah Flores/ Malaphor/ Nice World (Santa Rosa)

  10. Long Walk by Josiah Flores on Awful Feeling (self released) Local
  11. I Bought a Lottery Ticket by B. Hamilton on Other Lives of Magic and Wonder and Whatever (self released)

    Local Tuesday at the Golden Bull: B. Hamilton solo/ Curling solo/ Caleb Nichols (SLO)/ Noah Kwid (SLO)

  12. Pastoral by Curling on No Guitar (self released) Local
  13. Ef by Chanel Beads (self released)

    Monday at Thee Parkside: Chanel Beads (NYC)/ Strange Ranger (NYC)/ Cage World

  14. Way Out by Strange Ranger on Pure Music (Fire Talk)
  15. Not Pilled by Cage World on Printed on the Soul (self released) Local
  16. Like This by Bad Tiger (Self-Released)

    Local Sunday in Oakland, the Fountain Concert Series presents: Bad Tiger/ Maya Nell/ Gossimer/ Little Oil

  17. Flowers by Maya Nell on {adullescence} (self released) Local
  18. Make It Easy by Gossimer on Mountain Misery (Anxiety Blanket Records) Local
  19. Undone by Public Interest on Spiritual Pollution (Erste Theke Tontraeger)

    Local Wednesday at thee Stork Club: Public Interest/ Nasty World/ Pyrex (NYC)

  20. Slices by Nasty World on demo (self released) Local
  21. Be My Lover by Telepathic Children on Threesome (Telepathic Children)

    Local Thursday at thee Stork Club: Telepathic Children/ Wifey/ T Slur/ Dimber (LA)