Strange Ranger



I Luv Mondays first played Warm at 10:37am on Monday 19th Mar, 2018.


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Recent broadcasts featuring Strange Ranger

  • ringing in the new year with tinnitus.

    Shoebox Office S4 E1 60 mins

  • Title says it all. Doom n gloom in the Fall. We will always remember the band Strange Ranger (episode cover). Limited shriek merch leftover on Bandcamp…

    Twin Shrieks Radio 120 mins

  • Episode title "that bisects and bisects and bisects" is from Agnes Martian's  "The Future Light Cone 3" ( bandcamp ), they play Beauty Supply on Friday…

    I Luv Mondays 60 mins

  • After a lovely summer weekend, there aren't usually many things that really make me wish for it to be Monday again, until it nears 8 AM…

    Top Spin S1 E96 120 mins

  • Loose theme this week as we move into August, but a bit of a companion piece to Episode 46 . I'm thankful for all the people…

    audiosyncrasies № 66 60 mins

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