b.a.a.a.m. radio (ep. 37)

baaam radio vs. lofi hip hop beats to study and chill to


  1. What It Is Like by halfpastseven on Why Am I Thinking (Oiyo Records)
  2. lovers & friends by jacuzzi jefferson, Caroline Byrne on the wildest of dreams (mmhmm recordings & Sonder House)
  3. afterhourzzz by Knowsum on midnight special (Vinyl Digital GmbH)
  4. On Top Of The World by Mr. Backside on Galaxy Dreams 2 (Amajin Records / Vinyl Digital GmbH)
  5. balloons (feat. Jay Electronia, Eryn Allen Kane) by Noname, Jay Electronia, Eryn Allen Kane on Sundail (AWAL Recordings America Inc.) New
  6. Fly Away by SkiDs on Fly Away (Mutombo Records)
  7. Seventyone by Mina Love on Sweet Number (MIna Love)
  8. Yazzy by isaintjames on Lote Corto (Village Live Records)
  9. Rain Scent by AK420 on Rain Scent (Wavee)
  10. her by eery on Her - Single (eery)
  11. Autumn Notes by KLIM on Memory Image (Vinyl Digital GmbH)
  12. inertia. by muna on inertia. (MMF Records)
  13. Yume by susan on Yume (Hip Dozer)
  14. Spring by Kid Taro on Spring (casual low grind)
  15. River Flows by Maple Syrup, T. Check, Paul Midihill on River Flows (Inner Ocean Records)
  16. Wagabunda by Emapea on Beat Catz Jazz (Beat Catz)
  17. Sunset Spring by Harry Hawaii, Robert Giegling on Sunset Spring (Hip Dozer)
  18. Two Worlds Apart by Little Simz on Sometimes I Might Be Introvert (AWAL Recordings Ltd)
  19. Cumbia Estelar by Pachakuti, young.vishnu on single (Hip Dozer)
  20. This Is True Love by XXIII on single (Kicker Records)
  21. Possibly by Remo on single (Remo)
  22. Nose Beers by J-Doobie on Sour Fruit (M.F.Y.P)
  23. Magic Touch by madmax, SkiDs on Basement Jazz (Besser Samstag)
  24. Street Anthem by Duuq on 16 Step Utopia (Krekpek Records)
  25. what if u tried other things by Baghead on Dedicated to Those Who (Audio Vandals)
  26. feel like by Khwezi on feel like (MBK LTD) New
  27. Woolwich by Devaloop, Fuzl on Extended Noise (Lounge Disorder)
  28. Not Tonight by Jada Imani, Mcstravick on single (self released)
  29. Astral Projection by El Jazzy Chavo on Echoes from Another Cosmogony (Funkypseli Cave)
  30. Rebuke by KAYTRAMINÉ on KAYTRAMINÉ (Venice)
  31. Happy to See You by Sarah, The Illstrumentalist on Happy to See You (Epidemic Sound)
  32. Jazz Boutique by Shuko on Jazz Boutique (Hip Dozer)
  33. By Night by CrazyJaZz on single (Copyright Control) New
  34. Red Room by Hiatus Kaiyote on Mood Valiant (Brainfeeder)
  35. 1:11 by Rommy Gabay on single (self released)
  36. Bow Down Jazz by Franky A, Kick a Dope Verse! on Sun Shadow (self released)
  37. Daily News by Thelonious Coltrane on single (Oiyo Records) New
  38. San Celeste by Maple Syrup, yeyts. on single (Cultura)
  39. Hot Air Music by Konteks on single (Hip Dozer) New
  40. Monday Loop by Tomppabeats on Harbor (Vinyl Digital)