b.a.a.a.m. radio (ep. 38)

happy sunday 🌞


  1. Liquid Love by Roy Ayers, Sylvia Cox on Virgin Ubiquity II (Rapsters Records)
  2. SIGNS by Afterthought ft Eytan Schillinger-Hyman, Isiah Mostafa, Katana, Lehnen Raphael, Sin Q, Vooo on Communal Healing (Family First)
  3. mellow lane by chvnce, nadjah nicole on mellow lane (good weather records)
  4. Practical Magic by Bluest on Cold Sweat (Anything Bagel)
  5. Featured Don't by Bijoux Cone on Don't (Literal Gold Records)
  6. kisses by slowdive on everything is alive (dead oceans)
  7. Everything to Be Afraid Of by Laundry on Finals (Laundry)
  8. She's Pretty by Cayley Spivey on She's Pretty (UnderCurrent) New
  9. Last One by Spring Summer on T.E.A.R.S. (T.E.A.R.S.)
  10. Falling Away by Yard Sale on Fractals (Cluster Funk Records)
  11. tunnel of love by Mind's Eye on Long Nights and Wasted Affairs (Amuseio AB)
  12. a tale of 2 moods by Tripped N Sat, Deanna DiLandro on single (Riot Daddy)
  13. Clover by FREQz on single (self released)
  14. I Will Be Okay by Left Out on Learn to Walk (self released)
  15. Honey... by NANI on Honey (self released)
  16. Hands by Jess Parsons on Hear Me Calling (self released)
  17. Wiggler by Juicebumps on Single (Rocks in Your Head) New Local
  18. Untitled 3 by Pocket Full of Crumbs on Pocket Full of Crumbs (Pyrina) Local
  19. To Change by HAIZI on SINGLE (self released)
  20. 24k by Tkay Maidza on Last Year Was Weird Vol. 2 (4AD Ltd)
  21. Patience by Comforting Chaos on single (X RACER) New Local
  22. Paradise~ by Analog Dog on single (Digital Cat Records) New Local
  23. West by River Tiber, Daniel Cesar on Indigo (self released)
  24. Opendoors by Jitwam on Honeycomb (Tartelet)
  25. Be Honest (feat. Burna Boy) by Jorja Smith on single (FAMIM)
  26. Traingazing by Sam Willis, Honey Mooncie on Breathe (Nxtgen Records / MNRK UK)
  27. Cyanotype of blue by salami rose joe louis on Zlaty Sauce Nephew (self released) Local
  28. UHHH by MXXWLL, JD Beck on SHEEESH (Rare Chords)
  29. Care For You by The Marías on Care For You (self-released)
  30. Mr. Moon (feat. Freak Slug) by NIQUO on Art Collection (College Music Records)