transfiguration #302 see you on the other side mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Alarm Clock Lullaby by PCM on Dreamland (n5MD)
  2. Ascension/Spiritual™ [Acappella] by Laraaji & Kramer/OOH-sounds on Baptismal/unperson - Spiritual™ (Joyful Noise Recordings/)
  3. Sonrise by Earthtones & Kevin Nathaniel on Meditations for Synthesiser + Mbira Nyunga Nyunga (Isle of Jura Records)
  4. The Empty Cup by Touch Of Noise on Percussionproject (Goddess Music)
  5. Nymph by Gonubie on Signals At Both Ears (Métron Records)
  6. I Want an Earth by Yu Su on I Want an Earth (Pinchy & Friends)
  7. Toyota Mehari by Pascal Moscheni on Chill Pill, Vol. V (Public Possession)
  8. Hummingbird Displays LTD by Boundary on Hummingbird (self released)
  9. Castle Song by Green-House on A Host for All Kinds of Life (Leaving Records)
  10. Knochen, Mond, Buchstabe & Tropfen by Läuten der Seele on Ertrunken Im Seichtesten Gewässer (World of Echo)
  11. The Becoming by Statues on Lost Star (MMDiscos)
  12. Come Back Later by Yara Asmar on Come Back Later - Single (Hive Mind Records)
  13. Equiinox by Raays on Innervzm II (Leaving Records)
  14. Floating In A Stream Of Consciousness by Ki Oni on A Leisurely Swim To Everlasting Life (AKP Recordings)
  15. Solo by Lord Of The Isles on Subtle Thoughts (Lapsus Records)
  16. The Barn by Chocolate Hills & The Orb on Yarns from the Chocolate Triangle (Orbscure)
  17. See You On the Other Side (feat. Eva Geist) by Sordid Sound System on Cape Perpetua (Invisible inc Recordings)