Sounds In The Dark - 9.27.23

Tonight's edition features new music from Neil Cowley, K. Leimer, Imaginary Softwoods, Hidden Orchestra, American Analog Set, Taylor Deupree, Wolfgang Muthspiel, M. Sage + Zander Raymond, and lots more!


  1. Skylarks by Hidden Orchestra on To Dream Is To Forget (Lone Figures) New
  2. The Invention of Birds by Neil Cowley on Fragmented Recall (Mote) New
  3. Chordal Drift by Roger Eno & Scoring Berlin on Chordal Drift (Deutsche Grammophon) New
  4. Himmeltal by Thore Pfeiffer on Umland (Savvy Records)
  5. Forage by K. Leimer on Spall (Palace of Lights) New
  6. Figment by Taylor Deupree on Eev (Nettwerk Music Group) New
  7. Prologue by Markus Guentner + Joachim Spieth on Prologue (Affin) New
  8. Iliad by Malibu on Palaces of Pity (UNO NYC)
  9. Enko-ji Loop by Imaginary Softwoods on Enko-ji Loop (Mineral Disk) New
  10. The Boat by Hania Rani on Don't Break My Heart (Gondwana Records) New
  11. Amelia by Wolfgang Muthspiel, Scott Colley, Brian Blade on Dance of the Elders (ECM) New
  12. Flying is the Easiest Way by Federico Albanese on Days of Passage (XXIM Records) New
  13. chahatlin by Marsen Jules on The Empire of Silence (Oktaf Music)
  14. Myg by Sofie Birch on Island Alchemy (Constellation Tatsu)
  15. Two Chambers by Loscil on Ambient Layers, Vol. II (7K!)
  16. It Is Isn't It by M. Sage + Zander Raymond on Parayellowgram (Moon Glyph) New