Songs that evoke the gentle caress of a [fleeting] summer breeze...


  1. September Gurls by Dum Dum Girls on AV Undercover, Season 3 (AV Club) Info


  2. Featured What Will You Do When Your Suntan Fades? by Beulah on The Coast is Never Clear (Velocette)

    The days are getting shorter... what will you do when your suntan is fading and the summer's gone?

  3. Winter Spring Summer Fall by The Postmarks on The Postmarks (Unfiltered) Info

    Shouts out to Darby Jacc for the recommendie

  4. Fall by Ozean (Numero Group) Info

    New "The algorithmic hits keep on coming. Set your shoes to gaze mode and drop into this king size cloud of ethereal dream pop. San Jose’s Ozean played just two shows in their brief existence, their lone three songs available only as a short-run cassette in 1991. Numero will be dripping out their catalog over the course of the next few months, with a 12” to follow in 2024."

  5. alife by Slowdive on Everything Is Alive (Dead Oceans) New
  6. A Hitch by Drop Nineteens (Wharf Cat) New
  7. Summer Spent by RICEWINE on Summer Spent / Tried Living (RICEWINE)
  8. HEALMODE by Jeff Rosenstock on Hellmode (Polyvinyl)

    New Perfect lazy days where all you need is me and all I need is you

  9. TV Trays by Death Cab for Cutie on You Can Play These Songs With Chords (Barsuk)

    SUMMER'S GONE, i've overslept and woke up to the chill of fall, overworked and now i'm all used up

  10. Summer... It's Gone by Grandaddy on Just Like The Fambly Cat (V2)

    Summer, it's gone and I don't know, which way is the best way to go

  11. A Summer Wasting by Belle and Sebastian on The Boy With the Arab Strap (Jeepster Recordings)
  12. Have Nots by Blues Lawyer (Dark Entries) New Local
  13. Waiting For A Cloud by Golden Apples on Waiting For A Cloud (Lame-O Records) New
  14. Hit The Wall by Seablite on Lemon Lights (Mt. St. Mtn.) New Local
  15. Autumn Sweater by Yo La Tengo on I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One (Matador)
  16. Last Day of Summer by The Cure on Bloodflowers (Fiction)