hot air balloon fest/road trip mix

featuring some newer stuff


  1. Featured we're dying by cactus ponchos on fright club (pug records) New
  2. Featured saddest smile by Lebanon Hanover on why not just be solo (fabrika)
  3. time travel by blouse on blouse (captured tracks)
  4. Featured hit me where it hurts by lala lala on hit me where it hurts (hardly art) New
  5. Featured fall for you by secret attraction on lp3 (secret attraction) New
  6. Featured sick by castlebeat on nothing (spirit goth) New
  7. Featured the flowers by the drums on the flowers (anti) New
  8. Featured I feel it by jaguar sun on I feel it (born losers) New
  9. Featured ornament by ruby haunt on between heavens (ruby haunt) New
  10. Featured toxic eye by choir boy on gathering swans (dais records) New
  11. Featured hunger for a way out by sweeping promises on hunger for a way out (feel it records) New
  12. Featured undertones by Theo vandenhoff on heartache is an empty room (safe sounds) New
  13. Featured mud by slow pulp on yard (anti)
  14. Featured sunlife by castlebeat on nothing (spirit goth)
  15. Featured pain without a touch by sweeping promises on pain without a touch (feel it records)
  16. Featured oysters in my pocket by royal otis on oysters in my pocket (Ourness PTY)
  17. Featured in the morning by zhu on generation why (Columbia)