Oct 7


  1. Will Anybody Ever Love Me? by Sufjan Stevens on Javelin (Asthmatic Kitty) New
  2. Ongibao by Kaumaakonga on Taoba (Self Released)
  3. Adakatia by K.O.G. on Zone 6, Agege (Pura Vida)
  4. Eggs In One Basket by Tele Novella on Poet's Tooth (Kill Rock Stars) New
  5. Dust by Allah-Las (Innovative Leisure) New
  6. Once or Twice by Mini Dresses on Heaven Sent (Joy Void)
  7. Out There On The Radio by Bubblegum Lemonade on Out There On The Radio EP (Matinee) New
  8. Latest Light by Jeanines on Latest Light / After All (4351416 Records DK)
  9. Tú y yo by Melenas on Ahora (Trouble In Mind) New
  10. Forevermore by The Garlands on The Garlands (Disaster Club)
  11. Grass Is Greener by Emma Russack, Lachlan Denton on Something Is Going To Change Tomorrow, Today. What Will You Do? What Will You Say? (Spunk)
  12. Bloody Blighty by Mick Trouble on It's the Mick Trouble EP (Emotional Response)
  13. Gary Borthwick Says by Neutrals (Static Shock) Local
  14. Wish You Could Speak by Niall Summerton on What Am I Made Of? (Tiny Library)
  15. Saturday Sunday by Mr Twin Sister on In Heaven (Domino)
  16. Secret Place by Je Suis Animal on Self Taught Magic From A Book (Angular)
  17. Broken Mirrors by The Painters (EEL Records) New
  18. Memories by Simloco (Self Released) New
  19. Paper Tongue by Town Cruise on One (Delicious Clam) New
  20. To Live And Die In The Airport Lounge by My Teenage Stride on Ears Like Golden Bats (1251494 Records DK)