046 - Creepy, Cozy Fall


  1. Featured Vae Victis by Desdenova on Branches and Blossoms (Self-Released) New Local
  2. Ricochet by Iress on Solace (Dune Altar)
  3. Cold Dead Earth by Dessication on Cold Dead Earth (Transylvanian Recordings)
  4. Zephyrvs by Cetacean on Dichotomy (Apes Who Looked Up)
  5. Fire, Flesh in Fire by Yohualli on Turquoise Stars and Night Skies (Night of the Palemoon) New
  6. Warmth and Comfort by Woods Witch on Warmth and Comfort (Songs of the Forest)
  7. Existence Asunder by QAALM on Existence Asunder (Hypaethral Records)
  8. Featured Staring Blankly by Lanayah on I'm Picking Lights in a Field (Anima Recordings)
  9. Featured Indwelling Archon by Vastum on Indwelling Archon (20 Buck Spin) New Local