Ep. 002

Entering the HazardZone we explore deep into underground hip hop as we dive into some records and even sit in on a lunchroom freestyle session!


  1. low class conspiracy by quasimoto, madlib on the unseen (stones throw)
  2. Full Clip by Gang Starr on Full Clip: A Decade Of Gang Starr (Virgin Records)
  3. narcissist by Sage Francis on The Makeshift Patriot EP (Anticon)
  4. disasters by non prophets on hope (lex records)
  5. Climb Trees (Produced By Jel) by Sage Francis on personal journals (strange famous records)
  6. run that shit by edan on primitive plus (Lewis Recordings)
  7. Lunchroom Take-Out (feat. Gr8 Skot & Swel) by Arsonists on As The World Burns (Arsonists)
  8. Definition by Black Star on Black Star (Rawkus)
  9. Doin' Our Own Dang by Jungle Brothers on Done By The Forces Of Nature (Warner Bros. Records)
  10. Blue Cheese by The UMC's on Fruits of nature (wild pitch records)
  11. what's next by Leaders of the New School on T.I.M.E. (The Inner Mind's Eye) (Elektra)
  12. soundman by Organized Konfusion on The Equinox (Priority Records LLC)
  13. Lesson 6 by Jurassic 5 on J5 Deluxe Edition (Mass Appeal)
  14. SIDE A of Left Handed Selections by Controller 7 on left handed (grey carpet records)
  15. dj dj by Dosh on Dosh (anticon)
  16. like today by Atmosphere on Lucy Ford (Rhymesayers Entertainment)
  17. Tears for the sheep by Atmosphere on Lucy Ford (Rhymesayers)