Wild Pitch



Most recently, Second Breakfast played One to Grow On by The UMC's on Sunday 18th Feb, 2024.

On has played Wild Pitch releases from artists such as Main Source, The Coup, the UMC's, Gang Starr, Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth, O.C, Ultramagnetic MC's, Lord Finesse.


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Jazz/funk/hip-hop/grooves from across the cosmos, since 2006.

Tender Knob Radio with Metro Matt looks ahead at Bay Area shows this week and an assortment of Sunday evening selections.

songs and words celebrating music, art, community, and friendship.

Inspired by classic funk and disco, Make It Funky, a collective of DJs passionate about independent music, radio, and nightlife.

House, disco and whatever else is lurking in the crates. Usually all vinyl, but I try not to be a dick about it.

Hip Hop, RnB and all things related past present, and future.