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Weekly eclectic sessions featuring live in-studio interviews and performances, classics on vinyl, previews of yet unreleased records, indie labels showcase and an accent.

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  • Tuesday 2:00 – 4:00pm


  • The very first ES episode from the new studio, getting familiar with it while playing the freshest worldwide music selection. EnjoyEpisode #228

    S5 E34 120 mins

  • Two hours of uninterrupted uplifting music, all styles all smiles.Enjoy this previously unreleased recording of my last DJ set at the Ferry Building back plaza, right next…

    S5 E33 120 mins

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  • Haze and smoke almost all over California right now, here's my weekly fresh music selection to help clear up the sky and/or your mind. EnjoyEpisode #226

    S05 E32

  • Today is turning 7 and we celebrate it with a typical Sunday one-meal-dish from Messina but well know and appreciated in the whole Siciliy, Pasta 'ncasciata.

    S05 E31

  • Welcome to the 30th episode of the year!.Today I cook a simple and vegan classic recipe, penne all'arrabbiata (angry penne).In the mix: penne, tomatoes, chili peppers, parsley,…

    S05 E30

  • It's time for another summer classic and today I make Fregola con le Arselle, typical from Sardinia. Fregola is pasta made of little toasted semolina spheres, looks…

    S05 E29

  • Today we're making gnocchi from scratch: potatoes, flour, and a pinch of salt. The sauce will be just butter and sage. A simple and delicious dish paired…

    S05 E28

  • Shelter-In-Pasta features another classic, all the way from Genoa, il pesto! We're going to use marble mortar and wooden pestle to make it the proper way; featuring…

    S05 E27

  • It's episode 220 and we are still sheltering in pasta, encouraging to stay safe and cook at home.Today we feature a classic from Sicily, a vegetarian delight…

    S05 E26

  • First July episode with a summertime classic that will impress your friend, la Calamarata!Featuring Calamarata, calamari, cherry tomatoes, tomato paste, white wine, olive oil, peperoncino, garlic, salt.As…

    S05 E25

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