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Weekly eclectic sessions featuring live in-studio interviews and performances, classics on vinyl, previews of yet unreleased records, indie labels showcase and an accent.

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  • Tuesday 2:00 – 4:00pm


  • Yes but not the usual ones! This week I focus on new takes of classic tarantellas, only on the first half-hour. Then the usual eclectic selection…

    S6 E9 120 mins

  • This is my time of the year to remember a friend that left us too early. Here's a mixtape for you, maybe you won't even like…

    S6 E8 120 mins

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  • Enjoy this eclectic mixtape, live from the Ferry Building Studio, inspired by Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe.  Episode #244

    S6 E7 120 mins

  • Tuning in the good studio vibes for an episode to warm up a cold day. Enjoy Episode 243

    S6 E6 120 mins

  • w/ Guest

    Spotlight on Ancient Astronauts' latest release, ZIK ZAK . DJ and producer Dogu, half of the music production duo AA, all the way from Cologne, Germany,…

    S6 E5 120 mins

  • It's pretty cold out here and it's time to warm up the airwaves with some good African heat, unveiling the new sounds of The Invisible Session,…

    S6 E4 120 mins

  • Like at the end of a dark age, many of us are looking forward to tomorrow; here's my playlist to get thru the wait. Enjoy Episode…

    S6 E3 120 mins

  • Let's focus on the positive music and have a break from these brutal events and violence happened in the country in the past week. Hold accountable…

    S6 E2 120 mins

  • Happy New Year! It's the beginning of the 6th season and we can't be more stoked! Another exclamation point! Yes! Five! Six! Episode #238

    S6 E1 120 mins

  • While we are getting together for the last time in this unprecedented year, I'm excited to share with you this fresh mixtape recorded live at the…

    S5 E43 120 mins

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