Hangover Sessions

About Hangover Sessions

Hangover Sessions all began back in 2013, originally on KXSF (then known as KUSF in Exile) and more recently on KTLC (Lost Church Free Radio) prior to its new radio home on BFF.fm.

It's been quite the journey and I, DJ Webbles, can tell you all about how it started someday, but for now just know it's ultimately because of my Love for all things melody and especially ~ ORIGINAL, LOCAL & LIVE MUSIC & meeting new people <3

The show features live musical guest interviews, mostly from the comfort of DJ Webbles' own barn-studio, in Oakland, California. The first part of the show features a unique / eclectic playlist, curated by DJ Webbles and the second part of the show features a live music guest / interview. Each guest also discusses 6 music tracks that they'd wish to accompany them on a deserted island, if ever they were a cast away.

Heavy Rotation

  • Sunday 6:00 – 8:00am (bi-weekly)


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