Gazelle Boogie (100% vinyl)

Tune in to the 380th episode for a soulful journey through disco and boogie with special guest Sabrina Zelga, esteemed DJ from the SweaterFunk Collective. In this electrifying episode, Sabrina spins an all-vinyl selection, blending classic grooves with hidden gems, delivering an infectious beat that will have you moving and grooving in no time. Don't miss out on this mesmerizing fusion of timeless tunes and contemporary flair, as Espresso Sesh continues to serve up some of the best in eclectic music experiences.


  1. Include Me Out by Eric Mercury (Capitol)
  2. Baby Love by Aurra (SalSoul)
  3. My Man by Candie (MCA)
  4. Everybody Loves A Winner by Glenn Jones (RCA)
  5. Something Else by Logg (SalSoul)
  6. Walking Into Sunshine by Central Line (Mercury)
  7. Romeo Where's Juliet? by Collage (RCA)
  8. It's My Turn by Chapter 8 (Beverly Glen Music)
  9. Live and Let Live by Aurra (SalSoul)
  10. I Call Your Name by Switch (Gordy)
  11. Welcome To My World by Delegation (Mercury)
  12. If You Want Me To Stay by Candie (MCA)