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In the realm of music, Nino Msk stands as a versatile DJ, radio host and producer born in Italy and currently based in San Francisco. With more than two decades of experience, he has graced stages not only in his native country but also across Europe and the United States.

From the cozy ambiance of cafes to the vibrant energy of clubs, Nino’s performances have left a lasting impression on audiences far and wide, including notable appearances at events like Burning Man.

Nino is truly a skilled expert in understanding the crowd's tastes, and he has this incredible natural gift for crafting the ideal soundtrack for any event. His musical selections effortlessly harmonize with the ambiance of each venue, leaving everyone in awe of his talent.

Additionally, his contributions to the music scene extend beyond his performances. As the founder of Eclectic Electric Recordings, an indie music label, Nino is deeply invested in promoting emerging talent and enriching the industry.

Moreover, Nino’s influence reaches the airwaves with his well-received radio show, Espresso Sesh. Now in its 8th season, the show broadcasts every Tuesday at 2 pm on, captivating listeners with its unique blend of music and engaging content.

With a genuine passion for fostering musical talent and scouting the freshest tunes, Nino Msk continues to leave a profound impact on the global music community.

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