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First day of summer and guess what? We got some fresh tunes alongside some hot classic stuff on wax and digital. Enjoy episode #306

Espresso Sesh S7 E22 120 mins

Saddened by the early passing of the producer extraordinaire Red Astaire / Freddie Cruger, I'm opening the show with a small tribute, then some recent record…

Espresso Sesh S7 E21 120 mins

w/ Guest
  • Brycon

Local producer and DJ Brycon sits at ES talking about his latest and upcoming releases, collaborations and projects. Episode #304

Espresso Sesh S7 E20 120 mins

Setting the vibes with some cinematic sounds, then a few edits and some middle-eastern oud-driven melodies right before the power went out (and we weren’t even…

Espresso Sesh S7 E19 60 mins