Most recently, House of Love played Give It To Me Baby by Rick James on Thursday 2nd May, 2024.

On has played Gordy releases from artists such as Rick James, Mary Jane Girls, Edwin Starr, Temptations, Switch, The Undisputed Truth.


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Think of the ultimate mix tape that you have some where buried deep in your basement or attic!

Connecting the dots on the musical map through decades, continents, and genres.

a thoughtfully curated blend of vinyl and digital. new school and old school. bending time, space, frequencies, and vibrations for grounding. tune in every Venus day to touch down to earth with earth angel

New Wave Nuggets - Synth Pop - Goth - Funk - Disco - R&B - Jangle Jems

all things fuzz and synth - electronica, psychedelia, lo-fi, garage, funk, techno ++