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Weekly eclectic sessions featuring live in-studio interviews and performances, classics on vinyl, previews of yet unreleased records, indie labels showcase and an accent.

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  • Tuesday 2:00 – 4:00pm


  • Delicate, aromatic, and easy to prepare, Pesto Alla Trapanese is a slight variation of the Genoa traditional one, with almonds, tomatoes, and pecorino instead of Parmigiano…

    S05 E17

  • Shelter-in-Pasta brings us another classic today: amatriciana. Easy to make, tasty AF. In the mix: bucatini, pork jowl (or bacon), peeled tomatoes, pecorino cheese, chili flakes,…

    S05 E16

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  • Shelter-in-Pasta continues with another classic, easy recipe, and vegan-friendly: puttanesca! Episode #209 - video here

    S05 E15

  • Format change today! As Sheltering-in-Place is extended in SF and, given the circumstances, the kitchen hosts my broadcasting, I decided to spice the show up a…

    S05 E14

  • Yes, another episode spinning the freshest tunes, remixes, and edits, once again from the kitchen: sending love for the lockdown series. Enjoy Episode #207

    S05 E13

  • From today it's official: I've been living in SF for 10 years! Enjoy this episode, a free-flow through the memory lane of the decade, keeping eyes…

    S05 E12

  • Worldwide music selection live from my kitchen. Funk, soul, house, swing, cumbia, cha-cha, dub, you name it. Enjoy it. Episode #205 (video link here: )…

    S05 E11

  • How are you doing these days? While locked down at home, I'm happy to present you this episode/mixtape with a wide range of fresh sounds spanning…

    S05 E10

  • Today I'm providing an uplifting soundtrack for the citizens doing their voters dues. I hope you enjoy it on the way to the Polling Place. Go…

    S05 E09

  • w/ Guest
    • HNGVR

    Samsara Beats  label showcase with honcho HNGVR: a fresh, young and independent record label focused on Halftime, Footwork-Jungle, D&B, and experimental Bass Music. Episode #202 [ youtube…

    S05 E08