Today, a brooding explorative mix illuminates our sonic commutes. kk.Shucko is here to deliver 60 minutes of music that excellently embodies the energy of a ponderous Monday.

Check out kk.Shucko's track "an vacant fauna", off the first Club Moniker compilation on bandcamp.

You can also tune in to Eel Automatonevery 2nd Thursday from 6-8PM PST hosted by Fallen Matter & kk.Shucko on Sutro FM here in San Francisco.

Follow all of kk.Shucko's sonic updates on soundcloud.

Happy Monday! ~tom

The Lost Hour is a weekly web of experimental ethereal music fun~ sometimes featuring guests and their funky thoughts and tunes.


  1. an vacant fauna by kk.Shucko on MONIKER001 (Club Moniker) Local
  2. Interude by Keplrr (Control Freak Recordings)
  3. Time Moves Slower Here by Chester Watson (Self-Release)
  4. stupkid by Chynna (Self release) Local
  5. Smoke & Mirrors (feat. Na-Kel Smith, BoofPaxkMooky & Cashcache!) by Eyedress (Self-Release)
  6. These Past Years…Told by Lord Byron (feat. Lord Byron) by Liv.e on Couldn't Wait to Tell You... (In Real Life Music, distributed by AWAL)
  7. Goodnight Attack (Rama's Filthy mashup) by Klahrk, Roxas, Quasimoto (Self-Release)
  8. Brightly Coloured Pencils by Emma-Kate Matthews (Algebra)
  9. Second Language (Kid the Moon) by Minor Science on Second Language (ad 93)
  10. Scorpio by James K, hoodie on 065 (AD 93)
  11. Up and At Them! by aya and BFTT on Up and At Them! (YCO)
  12. Quicksilver Tooth by Genius Aix on Heavy Metal, Solid State (INDEX:)
  13. Protomagias Riddim by Low Khey on Ten Effective Ways To Achieve Immortality (Comic Sans)
  14. 马 Horse by Duck Fight Goose 鸭打鹅 on CLVB ZVKVNFT 未​来​俱​乐​部 (D Force)
  15. Tryptch by Roza Terenzi, jd on Third Nature (Step Ball Chain)
  16. My feet's tired (see page 108) by Slauson Malone on Vergangenheitsbewältigung (Self-Release)
  17. 星​期​一​的​歌 Monday Spiri by Voision Xi on 欲​言​又​止 Lost for Words (Self-Release)