The B0ardcast Episode 48


  1. Kick Me by Shit Present on Shit Present (Visit
  2. Break
  3. Room for Rent (Demo) by Nancy Sin on Two Songs (Visit
  4. Tempo Amigo by LuvBugs on Enxaqueca (Todos os direitos reservados TNR.076 Brasil / 2015)
  5. Break
  6. Slackin' by Nimzo Indians on Summer Blood EP! (Visit
  7. What Cost by Grubs on It Must Be Grubs (Visit
  8. The People Left by Sheer Agony on The Unruly Sisters (Visit
  9. Daydream (Headache) by Wonton Soup on Thank You, Come Again. (Visit
  10. Absorto (Gregorio) by Ponyta (Visit
  11. Down by CHEEKS on CHEEKS // GROMS SPLIT (Visit
  12. Condensate by T. Rexico on Rugrats and Regrets (Visit
  13. Desiree by Trash No Star on Single Ladies ( TNR.060)
  14. My Love by Boa Constrictors on My Love (Visit
  15. Channel Surfing by 90s Television on Small Pumpkin (Visit
  16. GARLIC CHARLIE by Nathan and the Meanstreaks on NATHAN'S HOME (Visit
  17. I Want To Die by York Redoubt on Cheap Funerals (Visit
  18. Walk on by Ciaoculos on Hey Little Girl (7
  19. Lovely one by Ray and the Dead Drum on X-Ray Vision (Visit
  20. Junk by Lysol on Demo
  21. noisePOP, smellTHIS! by Thorsten Sideb0ard
  22. a 30 min noise pop mixtape for new year 2012 by Thorsten sideb0ard on MIxeszzzz