The B0ardcast Episode 49


  1. Cat by I'm Alone on I Don't Want To Stay Here (Visit
  2. clean by i know who you are and you are nothing on in due time (Visit
  3. Devil by Brittle Brian on Verisune (Visit
  4. Forever Summer by dnll on Demos (Visit
  5. strawberries by Honeyuck on very tiny songs (Visit
  6. Back on Top by Bonehead on Scumbag (Visit
  7. Point of Being Right by Shannon and the Clams on Gone by the Dawn (Visit
  8. My Blue Jumper by Jessica & The Fletchers on DK27 Connecting People (Visit
  9. Youth Nothing by Wonton Soup on Thank You, Come Again. (Visit
  11. Summer kinda sucks now by WET SOCKS on Soaking WET (Visit
  12. Puffy Eyes by Yay High on Sour Milk (Visit
  13. Sun In The Fun by CHEEKS on CHEEKS // GROMS SPLIT (Visit
  14. Skinner by Grubs on It Must Be Grubs (Visit
  15. jamie's going to prison by lintsleeve on I Don't Want To Stay Here (Visit
  16. ARMCHAIR JOCK by Nathan and the Meanstreaks on NATHAN'S HOME (Visit
  17. Anxious Type by Shit Present on Shit Present (Visit
  18. Don't Wanna See Your Face by Slurred Words on Oyoy (Visit
  19. Awkward Dreams by Thee Mightees (Visit
  20. Stand By Your Ghoul by The Cavemen (Visit
  21. Brooklyn Babewatch by Sauna Heat on Brooklyn Babewatch (Visit
  22. Don't Let It Dress You Down by TOWANDA on BLACK SHEEP EP (Visit
  23. Tão Legal by Trash No Star on Single Ladies ( TNR.060)
  24. Depois Do Sol by LuvBugs on Enxaqueca (Todos os direitos reservados TNR.076 Brasil / 2015)
  25. Sentirse Bien Perdido by Ponyta (Visit
  26. Summer Blood by Nimzo Indians on Summer Blood EP! (Visit
  27. summer song by kurt on soft things (Visit
  28. a subjective history, 1995-96, as told through the medium of 7 by Thorsten Sideb0ard on MIxeszzzz