The B0ardcast Episode 50


  1. Hate to See You Go by The Mantles on All Odds End (Slumberland)
  2. Talk About Terry by Terry on Talk About Terry (Upset The Rhythm)
  3. What Is It? (Nothing) by Coolport on Car (Visit
  4. Lizard by LITHICS on LITHICS (Visit
  5. Suitcase by wimps on Suitcase (Visit
  6. Heaven or Hell by The Cherries on The Cherries (2015) (Visit
  7. The Yellow Sun by PAMs on PAMs Phase # 1 (Visit
  8. Smother by The Coathangers on Suck My Shirt
  9. I've Been Stupid by Transistors on Cuppa Jarra Brossa (Visit
  10. Walk In The Park by Jessica & The Fletchers on Connecting People (Visit
  11. Chiming of Bells by Knife Pleats on Hat Bark Beach (Visit
  12. Quitting the watcher's council by The Potentials on Who's playing at the Bronze tonight? (Visit
  13. Spring Break-Up by Tacocat on Take Me to Your Dealer EP (Visit
  14. Vou Além by LuvBugs on Enxaqueca (Todos os direitos reservados TNR.076 Brasil / 2015)
  15. Good Timez by Grubs on It Must Be Grubs (Visit
  16. Comatose by Slurred Words on Oyoy (Visit
  17. Let's Go by Trash No Star on Stay Creepy (no) Summer Hits (EP) (TNR.066 Brasil 2014. Todos os direitos reservados. Transfusão Noise Records)
  18. Ride On Shooting Star by HIGH IMPACT SEXUAL VIOLENCE on ANIME MURDER (Visit
  19. Under Control by Nimzo Indians on Summer Blood EP! (Visit
  20. I've Gotta Curse On Me by Sauna Heat (Visit
  21. My Man by Shannon and the Clams on Gone by the Dawn (Visit
  22. Heaven Forbid by Yay High on Sour Milk (Visit
  23. City Streets by Bicycle Day on City Streets (Visit
  24. Emo Friends by Bruising (Visit
  25. No No No by Bonehead on Finally Punk demos (Visit
  26. Goberth, Roberth by New Fries on Fresh Face Forward (Visit
  27. Sneakin' around by WET SOCKS on Soaking WET (Visit
  28. You're Not Safe by VIAL on 7 (Visit
  29. Again and Again (Demo) by Nancy Sin on Two Songs (Visit
  30. Oh Well by Wurld Series on Jim Nothing / Wurld Series - Split EP (Visit
  31. Daytime Television by Salad Boys on Metalmania
  32. Streetlight Nightmare by The Writhing Squares on Gemini Blues/Streetlight Nightmare 7 (Visit
  33. Oceans by Jim Nothing on Zig Zag Blues (Visit
  34. Brutal by Thee Mightees (Visit
  35. Summer's End by T. Rexico on Rugrats and Regrets (Visit
  36. Apple Tree by The Broonies on Pisces (Visit
  37. Don't Forget to Breathe by Beulah on Yoko - demo
  38. #1 Fan by Radical McKickflip on Even More Demos (Visit
  39. Fuck The New School by La Almeida