1. Every Scene Fades by Rafael Anton Irisarri on Midnight Colours (Black Knoll Editions)
  2. Usually Concealed In Dense Foliage by Kate Carr on A Field Guide To Phantasmic Birds (Room40) New
  3. Corner Dancer by Lucy Railton on Corner Dancer (Modern Love) New
  4. Four Rays (Anti Divide) by François J. Bonnet & Stephen O'Malley on Cylene II (Drag City) New
  5. Equal To No Weight At All by Marta de Pascalis on Sky Fresh (light-years) New
  6. All Life Long (for organ) by Kali Malone on All Life Long (Shelter Press) New
  7. Continuous Miracles by Better Corners on Continuous Miracles, Vol. 2 (The state51 Conspiracy Ltd) New