1. Force One (Nathan Fake Remix) by Paradigm Shift on Force One (Lone Romantic) New
  2. Forming a round by Maths Balance Volumes on Cycles of Tonight (Penultimate Press) New
  3. Flower Of The Mountain by Teresa Winter on Proserpine (Night School) New
  4. Chapi by HUUUM on HUUUM (Accidental Meetings)
  5. Love Like an Abscess (Aho Ssan Remix) by Richie Culver on I Was Born by the Sea (The Remixes) (Participant Records Limited) New
  6. Vampire Body Blues (The Humble Bee Rework) by Aging on Reworks (Rewoven) (VAAGNER) New
  7. Rosa by Akhira Sano on Far More Decentralized (33-33) New
  8. 20220202 by Ryuichi Sakamoto on 12 (KAB America Inc.)
  9. I, II, III by Miradasvacas on Of No Fixed Abode (12th Isle) New