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Fellow Lower Grand resident and 4th Saturday-legend Trevern, makes his BFF debut on The Lost Hour for 60 minutes of anti-weather vinyl. This is no naptime, it's Monday afternoon and we are AWAKE.

Check out Trevern's radio show, Naptime Radio,on Lower Grand Radio every 4th Saturday from 7-9pm.

Have a safe Monday! ~tom

The Lost Hour is a weekly web of experimental ethereal music fun~ sometimes featuring guests and their funky thoughts and tunes.


  1. Temporary Suspension by Tomu DJ on If You're So Cool, How Come No One Likes You? (Girl House)
  2. Out Of My Mind by The Zenmenn & John Moods on Hidden Gems (Music From Memory)
  3. Madame Butterfly (On The Fly Mix) by Malcolm McLaren (Charisma)
  4. Prejudice and Pride by Private Lives on Prejudice and Pride (Lost 80s Record Company)
  5. Guilty (ft. Barry Gibb) by Barbara Streisand on Guilty (Columbia)
  6. F&M Suite by Pharaohs on Replicant Moods (100%Silk)
  7. D.J. by David Bowie on ChangesTwoBowie (RCA)
  8. The Captain of Her Heart by Double (Metronome)
  9. North On South St. (Deep Dub Version) by Herb Alpert (A&M)
  10. 彼女はFuture-Rhythm (Special Dance Mix) by Yoshiyuki Ohsawa on 彼女はFuture-Rhythm (Epic)