Radioculars 15//25


  1. Scenes From A Midnight Movie by Blood Cultures
  2. Don't Fuck a Gift Horse in the Mouth by Fresh Snow
  3. Chrome Temple by Apprentice Destroyer on Glass Ceiling Universe (Castle Face Records)
  4. Our Park By Night by Craft Spells (Captured Tracks)
  5. Anything by Tops
  6. If You're Scared by Together Pangea on The Phage (Burger Records)
  7. Dopamine by Diiv on Dopamine (Captured Tracks)
  8. Back At Belle's by Small Black (Jagjaguwar)
  9. 1994 by PWR BTTM on Ugly Cherries (Father/Daughter Records, Miscreant Records)
  10. Gift by The Garden on Haha (Epitaph)
  11. Bag of Tricks by Darwin Deez on Double Down (Lucky Number)
  12. This Repeated Sodomy by The Radio Dept.
  13. I'd Hate To Be An Actor by greys on repulsion EP (Buzz Records)
  14. Kicker by Alex G on Beach Music (Domino)
  15. Fuckup by Hiccup on Hiccup (Father/Daughter)
  16. Polyglot by Lazy Knuckles (Gold Robot Records)
  17. Inneraction by Vision (Burger Records)
  18. Waverly Street by Young Husband
  19. Montague Road by Wonky Tonk
  20. My Man by Shannon and the Clams
  21. Police My Love by The Mantles
  22. Melt by Spritzer
  23. Garden by Hinds
  24. Betting on Death by Black ABBA (Goner Records)
  25. Thunder by Air Waves ft. Jana Hunter (Western Vinyl)
  26. Love Jerks by Love, Jerks
  27. All Night by Today's Hits (Burger Records)
  28. It Makes the Babies Cry by George Clanton
  29. Arms Away by Chad Valley on Arms Away (Cascine)
  30. Propaganda by Sean Nicholas Savage
  31. Another One by Mac Demarco on Another One EP (Captured Tracks)