Ep 292: "Back to the Days of I Don't Knows"

Episode title "Back to the Days of I Don't Knows" is a song by Yea-Ming & the Rumours (bandcamp), they and Tony Jay kick off a short California tour Thursday at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz with Jake Mann.

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  1. Possessor by Cage World on Printed on the Soul (self released)

    Local Thursday at Elbo Room Jack London: Cage World/ Big/ Tyl (WA)/ Ice Wall (LA)

  2. Back to the Days of I Don't Knows by Yea-Ming & the Rumours on So, Bird... (Dandy Boy)

    Local Thursday at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz: Yea-Ming & the Rumours/ Tony Jay/ Jake Mann

  3. Isolated Visions by Tony Jay on Perfect Worlds (Slumberland) Local
  4. The Future Light Cone 3 by Agnes Martian on The Future Light Cone (self-released)

    Local Friday at the Lab: Agnes Martian/ JJJJJerome Ellis

  5. Drove Me Crazy by Country Risqué (self released)

    Local Wednesday at Bottom of the Hill: Country Risqué single release/ Sadie Alan single release/ Freight Train Lady

  6. Tommy by Sour Widows (self released)

    Local Tuesday at Tiny Telephone: Sour Widows/ Credit Electric

  7. backseat driver by Credit Electric on six (Credit Electric Union) Local
  8. Pressures of Life by Neutrals on Bus Stop Nights EP (Static Shock)

    Local Saturday at the Knockout: Neutrals/ Now/ WB Presents the Carnival Kids (Fresno)

  9. Rattray by Now on And Blue Space is Burning Noon (Sloth Mate Productions) Local
  10. Mood Indigo by Asha Wells on Water Words (Royal Oakie Records)

    Local Friday at Martial Arts: Asha Wells single release/ Mary Claire/ Katsy Pline/ Beaunoise

  11. Chestburster by Mary Claire on I Hope I Never Get What I Need (self released) Local
  12. It's Her I See by Katsy Pline on Incandescent Fire (Take A Turn Records) Local
  13. Gemini Chase by Beau Sorenson on Indifference Will Devour You (self released) Local
  14. Perfect Toast by Aux Meadows on Dust Kingdom (Perpetual Doom)

    Local Monday at Park Life: Aux Meadows/ Seawind of Battery

  15. Lullaby by Lizzy Dutton on Amnesia (self released)

    Local Saturday in Richmond CA: Lizzy Dutton/ Liana for Now/ Ordinary Things release show/ Eli Utne

  16. Spanish Bar Song by Liana for Now on Serendipity House demos (self released) Local
  17. Losing Game by In-Sides (self released)

    Local Thursday at El Rio: In-Sides/ Chaos Fiction/ Plum Anderson/ Ourchaotic Joy