Ep 293: Hits of the Bay 2023 pt 1

Keep pushing for ceasefire, don't get distracted by the bullshit discourse we're seeing out there. Rally for the living and the dead in Gaza, this Saturday at 1pm, Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland.

Next week: part 2 of Hits of the Bay 2023!

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  1. 27 Club by Children Maybe Later on What a Flash Kick ! (Sloth Mate) Info

    Local From the “Hard Day's Night" opening strum, to the singing circle summoning legendary fates, this is Godard rock, collapsing the aesthetic, historic, and existential. (Sloth Mate)

  2. Ice Pack by Sarah Coolidge on Call Me When You Get There (self released) Info

    Local So many rock lyrics get by on vague gesture that Coolidge's narrative specificity feels like getting comically socked in the eye, or like ice on the bruise.

  3. Drugstore Perfume by Asha Wells on Water Words (Royal Oakie Records) Info

    Local A spellbinding drum part guides us down a grand staircase of sparkling acoustic guitar to a groundfloor truth: that meeting you has changed everything, undeniable as drugstore perfume.

  4. talk talk by abracadabra on Shapes & Colors (Melodic) Info

    Local Wherein Abracadabra sticks to their story, swarming the dancefloor with percussion, forcing your hand, tickling your feet, and talking your talk.

  5. Talkin' on the Internet by Spiritual Cramp on Spiritual Cramp (Blue Grape Music) Info

    Local It's mundane reality that the internet is bad but it's refreshing to be called out personally, because I really am wasting my time, and rock like this offers so much more.

  6. Carnation Island by Body Double on Voice 2 Skull (self released) Info

    Local While so many do art rock as fashion, Body Double bludgeons convention with brutalist synth and uncompromising declaration.

  7. Make It Right by The 1981 on Move On (Dandy Boy) Info

    A monumental song from a band known for two minute fun, Make It Right finds these dandy boys wounded, resolute and surviving.

  8. Control by DTJ on At the After Party (Echo Plasm) Info

    Local I struggle between a desire to control and not control, but when I manage to let go, in the way he sings it here, I find peace.

  9. I Drew a Line by Madeline Kenney on A New Reality Mind (Carpark) Info

    Across her best album yet Kenney layers, surprise by surprise, sparkling edifices to hold a hard earned wisdom, firm in its lines drawn.

  10. Ramona and Child by Michael James Tapscott on Royal Oakie 10th Anniversary comp (Royal Oakie) Info

    Local A sublime roll of the drums and brisk acoustic strum carry forth a tale of growth, or its underdog cousin: acceptance.

  11. Melancholy Molly by Seablite on Lemon Lights (Mt. St. Mtn.) Info

    Local If you haven’t seen 2004 music documentary Dig!, don’t bother: these are the mod rock legends you’re looking for.

  12. House of Cancer by Credit Electric on six (Royal Oakie) Info

    Local Credit Electric, "House of Cancer": On album six Credit Electric’s hovering pathos takes on saxophone and more with magically no additional weight borne, save for the blues of reaching out, and hearing nothing in return. (Royal Oakie)

  13. Fun in a Field by Moon on Half-Full (self released) Info

    Local Opening line “why does it feel so good” is answered in the warm tilling of the guitar and the richest of voices singing “your cold hand fitting in mine.”

  14. God's Hammer by Toner (Smoking Room) Info

    Local For the umpteenth time Toner puts out signature work without changing a thing, aside from the added falsetto. Oooooh is fucking right.

  15. Planet of Skunks by Warp on Automatic Gratuity (self released) Info

    Local The Bay's best band never lets up, never stops, never doesn't say the true thing as the band hauls ass on fury road all the way to the horizon. Do they have us pegged or what.

  16. Sauce by Fat Tony, Tia Nomore, Studio_Dad (Text Me) Info

    Local For anyone in need a rebuttal, I give you Oakland movie star Nomore, H-town rapper Tony, and Text Me Record’s Dad, all advising: get lost.

  17. I Might Try by Half Stack on Sitting Pretty (Royal Oakie) Info

    Local In a travesty of my own making this is the first time Half Stack has made one of these year-end shows, but I'm not missing their best album yet, country rock without affect or nostalgia, just the golden basics as they always deliver them.

  18. Guess I'm Always Leaving by Katsy Pline on Incandescent Fire (Take a Turn Records) Info

    Local Katsy can do cosmic poetry but finds equal depth in well-worn country songforms, in these verses the last turn revelates, whether letting the Yuba river wash my tears, or in time making me utterly something else.

  19. Don't Give Up by Tanukichan on Gizmo (Company) Info

    Local Live drums give this hi-NRG mix its attack, the jams of the twenty-first century will be cyborgs.

  20. Unloveable Losers by The Reds, Pinks & Purples on Unloveable Losers (self released) Info

    Local For all my bravura through life, what helps me go on are the songs that see me for my fears, and tell me I’m not alone.