@Jon_Digital 09/24/15

I return for another audio trek through my favourite music from the past week. Expect to touch a lot of corners this week, there were a lot of ace releases across the genres. Wear headphones.


  1. Of A New Cool by Christian Scott on Stretch Music (Stretch Music)
  2. Astral Plain by Golden Void on Berkana (Thrill Jockey)
  3. Farewells by Erik Luebs on Absolute Presence (Project: Mooncircle)
  4. Hover (DevelopMENT Remix) by Roska on Hover (Simma Red)
  5. The Dreamers by Gold Celeste on The Glow (Riot Factory)
  6. Lora by Coma on Lora (Kompakt)
  7. Gold Claw by Glacci on Ember (Heka Trax)
  8. Heat by Homshake on Midnight Snack (Sinderlyn)
  9. Heavy by Infinity Girl on Harm (Topshelf)
  10. Tik Tok by Jimmy Edgar on Shine (Ultramajic)
  11. Mr Biscuits by The Jezebel Sextet on Lift It Up (Sookie Records)
  12. Gacek by Jerzy Millian Orkiestra on Strange Breaks & Mr Thing II (BBE Records)
  13. Isao (DJ Fudge Afro Beat Remix) by Kiko Navarro on Isao (Local Talk)
  14. The Black Tulip by Stump Valley on Hollywood (Off Minor)
  15. Hiroshi Kano by Viers on Freesia (Church)
  16. Undenialable by Mile High Club on Timeline (Circle Star Records)
  17. Mirror by Klute on Savage Circle (Metalheadz)
  18. Being There by Primitive Parts on Parts Primitive (Trouble In Mind Records)
  19. Megatouch by Battles on La Di Da Di (Warp)
  20. Naked Truth by EVM128 on Nova (Studio Rockers)
  21. Love Heads by Lone on Ecstasy & Friends (Magic Wire)
  22. Avebury by Appleblim on Avebury (Ammunition Promotions)