transfiguration #308 fall feels (holiday in ruins)


  1. Invocation by Joanna Brouk on Sounds of the Sea (Numero Group)
  2. Tree of Life by Dorothy Carter on Waillee Waillee (Palto Flats)
  3. 014 by Kamuflars on Windows (Mhost Likely Purple | Mhost Likely AS)
  4. Agonic Drift by Offthesky on Gently Down the Stream (Databloem)
  5. Forest Dance by sorawoto.steffen Ki on Forest Dance (sorawotomusic)
  6. Sharawadji by Sordid Sound System on Mondo Organico (Invisible Inc Recordings)
  7. Calm Seas by Saphileaum on There Will Be Light (Rhythm Büro)
  8. In the Mirror by David Cordero & Rhucle on Summer Chronicles (Home Normal)
  9. Dolgodora by TENGGER on EARTHING (self released)
  10. Greeting, 6: 40 Pm by Abadir on Ison (SVBKVLT)
  11. Fireflies by Devendra Banhart on Flying Wig (Mexican Summer)
  12. Leave Your Body by Keplrr on Petra (Control Freak Recordings)
  13. He Was And She Was by Ylowii on Granular Préludes: Dilettante (Eating Music)
  14. Lightning Comes Up From the Ground by Julie Byrne on The Greater Wings (Ghostly International)
  15. Ver a Través de tus Ojos by Estrella del Sol & Mabe Fratti on Figura de Cristal (felte)
  16. Planeetta by Lau Nau on Aphrilis (Fonal Records)
  17. Theories by Jonny Nash on Point of Entry (Melody As Truth)
  18. By Firelight, On Autumn Nights by Hollie Kenniff & Helios on By Firelight, On Autumn Nights - Single (Unseen)
  19. 2000 Miles by deary on 2000 Miles - Single (Sonic Cathedral)
  20. Miracle of Night (feat. Luke Hogfoss) by Lipsticism on American Dreams Diner Open 24 Hours (American Dreams Records)
  21. Sound of Blue by White Poppy on Sound of Blue (Not Not Fun)
  22. Morning Light by Iyakuh on De la Luz (NUMA)
  23. A Monument to Oblivion by Yann Novak on The Voice of Theseus (Room40)
  24. Timeless by Lux & Hermetics on Helios (Optimo Music Digital Danceforce)
  25. 触媒 by GORE on 触媒 (my pet flamingo)
  26. Air* by Disconscious on Hologram Plaza + 3 (Mental Groove Records)
  27. Endless by J Foerster & N Kramer on Endless - Single (Leaving Records)
  28. Anemoele by Dane Law & Chants on Gurum Triads (The Trilogy Tapes)
  29. Vithatten by Golden Ivy on Kammarn (Malmö Inre)
  30. In Parallel by Salamanda on In Parallel (Wisdom Teeth)
  31. V by Tegu on Forest Hills (not not fun)
  32. Prickle by Yaka on Promesses Vol. 3 (Promesses)
  33. Film Night at Magic Mountain by Martin Glass on Magic Mountain (Glossy Mistakes)
  34. Music for Applying Shimmering Eye Shadow by Mary Lattimore on Goodbye, Hotel Arkada (Ghostly International)